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Microsoft Excel Masterclass Excel From Basic To Advanced

Microsoft Excel Masterclass  Excel From Basic To Advanced
Free Download Microsoft Excel Masterclass | Excel From Basic To Advanced
Published 4/2023
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Microsoft Excel Advanced Course with A to Z Excel Feature. Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, Excel 2019 and Office 365

Free Download What you'll learn
Microsoft Excel master class from Basic To Advanced
Learn most useful function of the Microsoft Excel
Creating and maintain large data sets in a list of table
Various function like IF, VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH and others
Build data sheet on the Excel
Creating a dynamic reports by one of the most power tools, Pivot Tables
About Excel Knowledge not Required
Microsoft Excel Software 2007, 2010, 2013, 2013, 2019 or Microsoft 365 Excel is Recommended
Windows PC/Laptop or Mac
Microsoft Excel in One PackageThis Microsoft Excel Masterclass course combines 3 different sections.Microsoft Excel Masterclass - Basic Level of ExcelMicrosoft Excel Masterclass - Intermediate Level of ExcelMicrosoft Excel Masterclass - Advanced Level of ExcelTopics covered in this course by Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 & Office 365The "Microsoft Excel Master Class | Excel from Basic To Advance" online course on Udemy aims to teach students how to effectively use Excel from the basic level to the advanced level. The course is designed for individuals who want to enhance their skills in Excel, whether they are beginners or have some knowledge of the software.The course is led by an experienced instructor who will guide students through the entire Excel learning process. The instructor will cover a wide range of topics, including the basic functionalities of Excel, such as formatting, formulae, and charts, and progress to advanced features such as PivotTables, Macros, and data analysis tools.Throughout the course, students can access practical exercises and projects that will help them apply their learning in real-world situations. By the end of the course, students will have gained mastery of Excel and will be able to use the software to analyze data, create reports, and make informed business decisions.The course is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their Excel skills, including students, business professionals, and data analysts. No prior knowledge of Excel is required, as the course starts from the basics and gradually progresses to advanced topics.This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn Excel, whether you're a beginner or an experienced user looking to refresh your skills. With expert instructors and a variety of hands-on exercises and resources, you'll have everything you need to master Excel and advance your career.So why wait? Enroll in the "Microsoft Excel Master Class | Excel from Basic To Advance" course today and take the first step towards becoming an Excel pro!
Section 1: Microsoft Excel Basic Level - Course Introduction
Lecture 1 Ask Question
Lecture 2 Course exercise Files
Section 2: Fundamental of Microsoft Excel
Lecture 3 Launching Excel & Startup Screen
Lecture 4 Introduction to the Excel Interface
Lecture 5 Customizing the Excel Quick Access Toolbar and More Excel Interface
Lecture 6 Understanding the Structure of an Excel Workbook
Lecture 7 Saving an Excel Document
Lecture 8 Opening an Existing Excel Document
Lecture 9 Common Excel Shortcut Keys
Section 3: Insert & Editing Text and Formulas
Lecture 10 Entering Text to Create Spreadsheet Titles
Lecture 11 Working With Numeric Data in Excel
Lecture 12 Entering Date Values in Excel
Lecture 13 Working with Cell References
Lecture 14 Creating Basic Formulas in Excel
Lecture 15 Relative Versus Absolute Cell References in Formulas
Lecture 16 Understanding the Order of Operation (DOWNLOAD EXERCISE FILE)
Section 4: Working with Basic Functions of Excel
Lecture 17 Working with the SUM() Function
Lecture 18 Working with the MIN() and MAX() Functions
Lecture 19 Working with the AVERAGE() Function
Lecture 20 Working with the COUNT() Function
Lecture 21 Adjacent Cells Error in Excel Calculations
Lecture 22 Using the AutoSum Command
Lecture 23 Excel's AutoSum Shortcut Key
Lecture 24 Using the AutoFill Command to Copy Formulas
Section 5: Excel Worksheet Modification
Lecture 25 Moving and Copying Data in an Excel Worksheet
Lecture 26 Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
Lecture 27 Changing the Width and Height of Cells
Lecture 28 Hiding and Unhiding Excel Rows and Columns
Lecture 29 29. Renaming an Excel Worksheet
Lecture 30 Deleting, Moving and Copying an Excel Worksheet
Section 6: Formatting Data in an Excel
Lecture 31 Working with Font Formatting Commands
Lecture 32 Changing the Background Color and Adding Borders of a Cell and Cell Borders
Lecture 33 Formatting Data as Currency Values and Percentages
Lecture 34 Using Excel's Format Painter
Lecture 35 Creating Styles to Format Data
Lecture 36 Merging and Centering Cells
Lecture 37 Using Conditional Formatting and Editing
Section 7: Inserting Images and Shapes into an Excel
Lecture 38 Inserting Images, Shapes and Formatting Excel Shapes
Lecture 39 Working with Excel SmartArt
Section 8: Creating Basic Charts in Excel Worksheet
Lecture 40 Creating an Excel Column Chart and Excel Chart Ribbon
Lecture 41 Adding and Modifying Data on an Excel Chart
Lecture 42 Formatting an Excel Chart
Lecture 43 Moving a Chart to another Worksheet
Lecture 44 Working with Excel Pie Charts
Section 9: Printing an Excel Worksheet
Lecture 45 Viewing your Document in Print Preview
Lecture 46 Changing the Margins, Scaling and Orientation
Lecture 47 Excel Worksheet Margins and Page Layout View
Lecture 48 Adding Header and Footer Content
Lecture 49 Printing a Specific Range of Cells
Section 10: Working with Excel Templates
Lecture 50 Intro to Excel Templates
Lecture 51 Opening an Existing Template
Lecture 52 Creating a Custom Template
Section 11: Excel Basic Level - Practice What You've Learned (Download)
Lecture 53 Excel Basic Level - Practice What You've Learned (DOWNLOAD)
Section 12: Microsoft Excel Intermediate Level - Course Introduction
Lecture 54 Excel Intermediate Level - Course Exercise Files -- DOWNLOAD
Section 13: Working with an Excel List
Lecture 55 Understanding Excel List Structure
Lecture 56 Sorting a List Using Single Level and Multi-Level Sort
Lecture 57 Using Custom Sorts in an Excel List
Lecture 58 Filter an Excel List Using the AutoFilter Tool
Lecture 59 Creating Subtotals in a List
Lecture 60 Format a List as a Table
Lecture 61 Using Conditional Formatting to Find and Removing Duplicates
Section 14: Excel List Functions
Lecture 62 Introduction to Excels Function: DSUM()
Lecture 63 Excel DSUM Function Single Criteria Continued
Lecture 64 Excel DSUM Function with OR Criteria
Lecture 65 Excel DSUM Function with AND Criteria
Lecture 66 Excel Function: DAVERAGE()
Lecture 67 Excel Function: DCOUNT()
Lecture 68 Excel Function: SUBTOTAL()
Section 15: Excel Data Validation in an Excel Worksheet
Lecture 69 Understanding the Need for Excel Data Validation
Lecture 70 Creating an Excel Data Validation List
Lecture 71 Excel Decimal Data Validation
Lecture 72 Adding a Custom Excel Data Validation Error
Lecture 73 Dynamic Formulas by Using Excel Data Validation Techniques
Section 16: Importing and Exporting Data into Excel
Lecture 74 Importing Data Into Microsoft Excel
Lecture 75 Importing Data from Text Files
Lecture 76 Importing Data from Microsoft Access
Lecture 77 NEW VERSION -- Import Data From Text Files into Excel
Lecture 78 NEW VERSION -- Import Data From a Database into Excel
Lecture 79 Microsoft Excel Legacy Import and Exporting Options for New Excel Versions
Section 17: Excel PivotTables Practice
Lecture 80 Understanding Excel PivotTables
Lecture 81 Creating an Excel PivotTable
Lecture 82 Modifying Excel PivotTable Calculations
Lecture 83 Grouping PivotTable Data
Lecture 84 Formatting PivotTable Data
Lecture 85 Modifying PivotTable Calculations
Lecture 86 Drilling Down into PivotTable Data
Lecture 87 Creating Pivot Charts
Lecture 88 Filtering PivotTable Data
Lecture 89 Filtering with the Slicer Tool
Section 18: Excel's PowerPivot Tools
Lecture 90 Introduction to Excel Power Pivot
Lecture 91 Why PowerPivot?
Lecture 92 Activating the Excel PowerPivot AddIn
Lecture 93 Creating Data Models with PowerPivot
Lecture 94 Excel Power Pivot Data Model Relationships
Lecture 95 Creating PivotTables based on Data Models
Lecture 96 Excel Power Pivot KPIs
Section 19: Working with Large Sets of Excel Data in an Excel Worksheet
Lecture 97 Using the Freeze Panes Tool
Lecture 98 Grouping Data (Columns and/or Rows)
Lecture 99 Print Options for Large Sets of Data
Lecture 100 Linking Worksheets (3D Formulas)
Lecture 101 Consolidating Data from Multiple Worksheets
Section 20: Excel Intermediate Level Additional Practice Exercises
Lecture 102 Excel Intermediate Level - Practice What You've Learned (DOWNLOAD)
Section 21: Microsoft Excel Advance Level - Courses Introductions
Lecture 103 Excel Advance Level - Course Exercise Files -- DOWNLOAD
Section 22: Working with Conditional Functions in Excel
Lecture 104 Working with Excel Name Ranges
Lecture 105 Advantages and Disadvantages of Excel Name Ranges
Lecture 106 Editing an Excel Name Range
Lecture 107 Using Excel's IF() Function
Lecture 108 Excel's IF() Function with a Name Range
Lecture 109 Nesting Functions with Excel
Lecture 110 Nesting Excels AND() Function within the IF() Function
Lecture 111 Using Excel's COUNTIF() Function
Lecture 112 Using Excel's SUMIF() Function
Lecture 113 Using Excel's IFERROR() Function
Section 23: Working with Lookup Functions in Excel
Lecture 114 Microsoft Excel VLOOKUP() Function
Lecture 115 Microsoft Excel HLOOKUP() Function
Lecture 116 Microsoft Excel INDEX() Function
Lecture 117 Microsoft Excel MATCH() Function
Lecture 118 Microsoft Excel INDEX() and MATCH() Function Combined
Lecture 119 Microsoft Excel INDEX() and MATCH() Function Combined Continued
Lecture 120 Creating a Dynamic HLOOKUP() with the MATCH() Function
Section 24: Working with Text Based Functions in Excel
Lecture 121 Using Excel's LEFT(), RIGHT() and MID() Functions
Lecture 122 Using Excel's LEN() Function
Lecture 123 Using Excel's SEARCH() Function
Lecture 124 Using Excel's CONCATENATE() Function
Section 25: Auditing an Excel Worksheet
Lecture 125 Tracing Precedents in Excel Formulas
Lecture 126 Tracing Dependents in Excel Formulas
Lecture 127 Working with the Watch Window
Lecture 128 Showing Formulas
Section 26: Protecting Excel Worksheet and Workbooks
Lecture 129 Protecting Specific Cells in a Worksheet
Lecture 130 Protecting the Structure of a Workbook
Lecture 131 Adding a Workbook Password
Section 27: Excel's "What If?' Tools
Lecture 132 Working with Excel's Goal Seek Tool
Lecture 133 Working with Excel's Solver Tool
Lecture 134 Building Effective Data Tables in Excel
Lecture 135 Creating Scenarios in Excel
Section 28: Excel with Macros
Lecture 136 Understanding Excel Macros
Lecture 137 Activating the Developer Tab in Excel
Lecture 138 Creating a Macro with the Macro Recorder
Lecture 139 Editing a Macro with VBA
Lecture 140 Creating Buttons to Run Macros
Section 29: Excel Advance Level Additional Practice Excurses
Lecture 141 Excel Advance Level - Practice What You've Learned (DOWNLOAD)
Section 30: Congratulations! Complete the Excel Masterclass Basic to Advanced course.
Lecture 142 Congratulations on Completing the Advance Level of the Microsoft Excel Course
This Microsoft Excel Masterclass courses will take you through 3 levels of Microsoft Excel topics (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced).,If your looking to take your Excel skills from basic to advanced level then this course is perfect for you.,Student, Business Man and Job holder.



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