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Aws Certified Machine Learning Specialty Mls-C01 [New 2023]

Aws Certified Machine Learning Specialty Mls-C01 [New 2023]
Free Download Aws Certified Machine Learning Specialty Mls-C01 [New 2023]
Published 4/2023
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Ace your AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty Exam[MLS-C01] | AWS Machine Learning Practice Test included | 2023

Free Download What you'll learn
12 HOURS OF INSTRUCTOR-GUIDED LECTURES: Learn how to design, build, deploy, optimize, train, tune, and maintain ML solutions using AWS services
PRACTICE EXAM: Exam-Difficulty practice exam included to test your progress and knowledge
ACTIVE Q&A FORUM: Our discussion board provides a platform for students to ask questions, share their recent exam experiences, and offer feedback on exam topics
RESPONSIVE SUPPORT: Our team of AWS experts respond to all of your questions, concerns or feedback
ALWAYS UP TO DATE: Our teachings reflect the latest MLS-C01 exam. Students have lifetime access to all future updates
PRESENTED IN A PROFESSIONAL WAY: Focused and to the point, clear language with professional subtitles
THE ULTIMATE EXAM PREP: We'll teach you everything you need to know to ace your AWS certification exam
This course is designed for individuals with a solid AWS knowledge and experience (at the Associate level)
A free-tier AWS account is recommended to follow along with the practice labs - we'll show you step by step how to create one
To assess your exam readiness, we highly recommend enrolling in the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty practice exam course by Neal Davis
Are you ready to take your AWS Machine Learning knowledge to the next level and earn your AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty certification? Then this AWS Machine Learning Specialty video course is for you! Designed for intermediate to advanced learners, this 12-hour training will equip you with the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed in your MLS-C01 exam.You will gain a deep level of knowledge and expertise in AWS Machine Learning with the help of:12 hours of comprehensive video lessonsDetailed presentations and diagramsResources available for download - including code and slidesA complimentary practice exam to test your knowledgeA supportive community of students and instructorsThis course is your key to acing the Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam! With our mixture of in-depth theory, architectural diagrams and hands-on training, you'll learn how to design, build, deploy, optimize, train, tune, and maintain ML solutions using AWS services. With this comprehensive Udemy AWS Machine Learning Specialty training, you have everything you need to comfortably pass the MLS-C01 certification exam.PREVIEW THIS COURSEWatch the intro video to find out why students choose Digital Cloud Training to prepare for their AWS exams.With our FREE previews you can see for yourself how we prepare you for the AWS Certified Machine Learning[MLS-C01] exam using guided AWS hands-on lessons. Check out the curriculum to see the vast amount of practical exercises combined with in-depth theoretical training.TOP REASONS WHY THIS ULTIMATE EXAM PREP IS YOUR BEST CHANCE TO ACE YOUR AWS EXAMTHE ULTIMATE EXAM PREP: We'll teach you everything you need to know (in theory and practice) to pass your exam on your first attemptGUIDED HANDS-ON LESSONS: The many hands-on lessons are backed by high-quality logical diagrams so you can visualize what you're buildingBONUS PRACTICE TEST: Our practice test is timed and scored mimicking the real exam environment so you get familiar with the real AWS exam format, style and difficultyDETAILED EXPLANATIONS: Every question includes deep-dive reference links and detailed explanations that describe why each answer is correct or incorrectHIGH-QUALITY VISUALS: We've spared no effort to create a highly visual training course with lots of tables and graphs to illustrate the conceptsPRESENTED IN A PROFESSIONAL WAY: Your instructors use clear and easy to understand language and present the material in a professional way - focused and to the point with professional subtitlesCERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION: Upon course completion, you get to download your Certificate of Completion issued by UdemyACCESS DIAGRAMS, CODE AND SLIDES: Diagrams, code and slides (optional, requires name/email) presented throughout the course are available for download in PDF formatRESPONSIVE SUPPORT: Our team of AWS experts comprehensively respond to all of your questions, concerns or feedbackACTIVE Q&A DISCUSSION BOARD: Join the discussion on AWS related topics in our discussion forum where our students share their recent exam experience offering feedback on which topics were coveredMOBILE ACCESS: Study on the go and access all resources from your mobile phone - anywhere, anytimeLIFETIME ACCESS: All students have lifetime access to all future updates of this courseYOUR INSTRUCTORSKARIM ELKOBROSSYAWS COMMUNITY BUILDER (ML), AWS CERTIFIED AND MACHINE LEARNING INSTRUCTOR & AUTHORHi, my name is Karim – I'll be your lead instructor for this AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty training. I am an Electromechanical engineer with a passion for AI. Together with Neal, we created this comprehensive AWS training so that you get to ace your AWS Machine Learning exam and achieve your career goals. NEAL DAVISFOUNDER OF DIGITAL CLOUD TRAINING, AWS SOLUTION ARCHITECT, BEST-SELLING AUTHOR & IT INSTRUCTORHi, I'm Neal Davis, and I'm delighted to be your co-instructor for this course. As the founder of Digital Cloud Training, I'm deeply committed to providing top-quality AWS certification training resources. With over 20 years of hands-on experience in the Cloud space, I'm excited to share my expertise with you on Udemy ☁OUR SUCCESS IN NUMBERSOver 500,000 students enrolled in our AWS courses on Udemy4.7 Star instructor ratings from over 100,000 reviewsOur students pass the AWS exam with an average score of over 85%MONEY-BACK GUARANTEEWe are totally confident in the value of our AWS Machine Learning course which comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee (no questions asked). Fast-track your AWS exam success and get lifetime access now - risk-free!ENROLL NOWTake the first step towards advancing your cloud career and becoming AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialist!By enrolling in this video course, you will not only pass the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam but also deepen your understanding of Machine Learning. Enhance your knowledge and set yourself apart in the industry by taking this MLS-C01 exam preparation course.
Section 1: Let's Get Started!
Lecture 1 How to Use this Course
Lecture 2 The MLS-C01 Exam
Lecture 3 Course Download
Section 2: AWS Accounts and IAM
Lecture 4 Introduction
Lecture 5 AWS Account Overview
Lecture 6 Hands-On Lesson[HOL] - Create Your AWS Free Tier Account
Lecture 7[HOL] Configure Account and Create a Billing Alarm
Lecture 8 AWS IAM Overview
Lecture 9 IAM Users, Groups, Roles and Policies
Lecture 10[HOL] Create IAM User Account
Section 3: Compute, Storage, and Database
Lecture 11 Introduction
Lecture 12 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Lecture 13 Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)
Lecture 14 Amazon S3 Overview
Lecture 15 IAM Policies, Bucket Policies and ACLs
Lecture 16 Block vs File vs Object Storage
Lecture 17 Amazon EBS
Lecture 18 Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)
Lecture 19 Amazon FSx
Lecture 20 Amazon DynamoDB
Lecture 21 Amazon Redshift
Section 4: Data Engineering
Lecture 22 Introduction
Lecture 23 Amazon Kinesis
Lecture 24 Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
Lecture 25 Create a Kinesis Data Stream
Lecture 26 Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose
Lecture 27 Create a Kinesis Data Firehose
Lecture 28 Kinesis Data Streams vs Firehose
Lecture 29 Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
Lecture 30 Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
Lecture 31 AWS Glue
Lecture 32 AWS Glue (crawler + transformation)
Lecture 33 AWS Batch
Lecture 34 AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)
Lecture 35 AWS Step Functions
Lecture 36 Exam cram
Section 5: Exploratory Data Analysis
Lecture 37 Introduction
Lecture 38 Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM)
Lecture 39 Plots
Lecture 40 Data types
Lecture 41 Data distribution
Lecture 42 Feature Engineering
Lecture 43 Data transformation (Numbers-Categories)
Lecture 44 Data transformation (Text-Images)
Lecture 45 Imputation Techniques
Lecture 46 Unbalanced data
Lecture 47 Outliers
Lecture 48 Amazon Sagemaker Ground Truth
Lecture 49 Create a labelling job
Lecture 50 Amazon Quicksight
Lecture 51 Create an analysis using Quicksight
Lecture 52 Amazon Athena
Lecture 53 Running SQL queries in Athena
Lecture 54 Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR)
Lecture 55 Exam cram
Section 6: Machine learning
Lecture 56 Introduction
Lecture 57 Machine Learning categories
Lecture 58 Regression
Lecture 59 Regression - Model evaluation
Lecture 60 Classification
Lecture 61 Classification - Model evaluation
Lecture 62 Dimensionality Reduction
Lecture 63 Deep Learning
Lecture 64 Natural Language processing (NLP)
Lecture 65 Computer Vision (CV)
Lecture 66 Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
Lecture 67 Recurrent Neural Network
Lecture 68 Neural Network characteristics
Lecture 69 Neural Networks' problems
Lecture 70 Overfitting/Underfitting
Lecture 71 Preventing overfitting
Lecture 72 Validation techniques
Lecture 73 Ensemble learning
Lecture 74 Exam cram
Section 7: AI services
Lecture 75 Introduction
Lecture 76 AI services
Lecture 77 Amazon Comprehend
Lecture 78 Customer's reviews sentiment analysis
Lecture 79 Amazon Translate
Lecture 80 Amazon Transcribe
Lecture 81 Amazon Polly
Lecture 82 Amazon Rekognition
Lecture 83 AWS Deeplens
Lecture 84 Amazon Textract
Lecture 85 Amazon Forecast
Lecture 86 Amazon Lex
Lecture 87 Amazon Fraud detector
Lecture 88 Exam cram
Section 8: Modelling
Lecture 89 Introduction
Lecture 90 Amazon SageMaker
Lecture 91 Amazon SageMaker Walkthrough
Lecture 92 Create an Amazon SageMaker Notebook instance
Lecture 93 Built-in algorithms overview
Lecture 94 Linear Learner
Lecture 95 XGBoost
Lecture 96 K-Nearest Neighbours
Lecture 97 Factorization machines
Lecture 98 DeepAR
Lecture 99 Image classification
Lecture 100 Object Detection
Lecture 101 Semantic Segmentation
Lecture 102 Seq2Seq
Lecture 103 BLazingText
Lecture 104 Neural Topic Model (NTM)
Lecture 105 Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA)
Lecture 106 Random Cut Forest (RCF)
Lecture 107 K-means clustering
Lecture 108 Object2Vec
Lecture 109 Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
Lecture 110 IP insights
Lecture 111 Reinforcement learning
Lecture 112 Built-in algorithms recap
Lecture 113 Docker containers with Sagemaker
Lecture 114 XGBoost (Churn prediction)
Lecture 115 Script mode
Lecture 116 Bring Your Own (BYO) Docker
Lecture 117 Sagemaker Instance types
Lecture 118 Hyperparameter tuning
Lecture 119 Hyperparameter tuning job
Lecture 120 Distributed Training
Lecture 121 Apache Spark with Sagemaker
Lecture 122 Sagemaker Debugger
Lecture 123 Sagemaker Autopilot
Lecture 124 Exam cram
Section 9: Deployment
Lecture 125 Introduction
Lecture 126 Online Inference (Real-time)
Lecture 127 Batch transform
Lecture 128 Sagemaker Deployment
Lecture 129 Inference Pipeline
Lecture 130 SageMaker Monitoring
Lecture 131 Sagemaker Security
Lecture 132 Sagemaker Model Monitor
Lecture 133 Sagemaker Neo and IOT greengrass
Lecture 134 EC2 Inf1 instances
Lecture 135 XGBoost (Churn prediction) deployment
Lecture 136 Exam cram
Section 10: Practice Test
Section 11: Additional Training
Lecture 137 Bonus Lesson
Individuals preparing for the AWS Machine Learning Specialty certification exam who want to pass with confidence,Professionals seeking to expand their skillset in AI and ML or those who want to transition into a data-driven career in cloud computing,Students who want to enhance their skills by learning how to implement machine learning solutions on the AWS platform,AI practitioners seeking to broaden their expertise in implementing, deploying, and managing ML solutions on AWS for a scalable and cost-effective approach,Programmers interested in incorporating machine learning techniques into their applications, allowing them to create more intelligent and data-driven software solutions,Technical leaders and executives looking to understand the capabilities and benefits of AWS Machine Learning services to make informed decisions on adopting and implementing ML solutions in their organizations,Anyone who is keen to take their career and salary to the next level with an AWS certification



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